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Keeping an Eye Out: Surveillance Cameras and Their Importance

Flowing Through Connections, Inc. team
Flowing Through Connections, Inc. team May 24th, 2024

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Surveillance cameras can be valuable tools for both residential and commercial security. In homes, cameras can deter crime by giving notice that a property is being monitored. They can also provide valuable evidence such as a short video or still picture in the event of a criminal act helping police identify and apprehend criminals. When used outdoors, they can monitor vulnerable areas of a property, like parking lots, garages or areas of importance and provide property owners with peace of mind.

In commercial settings, surveillance cameras can be used to protect inventory and assets from theft or vandalism. They can also be used to monitor vehicle’s (for color and type) or people’s hair and clothing color during past or current activity. Additionally, cameras can be used to monitor customer behavior and improve business operations. For example, retail stores might use cameras to track customer traffic patterns in order to optimize store layout.

It’s important to remember that there are also privacy considerations when using surveillance cameras. Always be sure to check local laws regarding recording and be mindful of where you place cameras to avoid capturing unwanted footage from public spaces.